Tree Plantation

Almost thousands of years from today, when man was not known to earthly advancements, so he was worried about his comfort. Man invented new things for his comfort and for creation of these things, trees were cut down. The environmental pollution just begins from here. Many countries of world are upset due to this pollution and are making various measures to stop it. But the ratio of success in this attempt is very small.

Environmental pollution is also increasing rapidly in our dear country, Pakistan. Masses of dung can be seen in streets, markets, towns and visiting places. This filthiness is not spreading by itself instead we ar/e spreading it. At present, environmental pollution has become a serious issue and is becoming the reason for loss of life. According to experts, one fourth of country must consist of forests. On the other hand, only 4% area of Pakistan consists of forests and these trees are also being cut down.

If we see the record of SARC countries record from 1990 to 2015, the ratio of cutting of trees is increasing rapidly.

From SARC countries, most of the forestation is done in Butan. Our neighboring country, India has also heeded attention to it. But unluckily, in Pakistan, nobody has paid attention to forestation instead the ratio of cutting of trees has increased. As a result, area of Pakistan consisting of forests has decreased from 3.3% to 1.9% and this ratio is also decreasing rapidly

Mera Oxygen Bank

We are intiating a campaign to make our country clean and green. It is not just raising slogans or collecting funds. We want to see how we fellow human beings are interested to protect and sustain environment for our furture generations. For this purpose each volunteer is suppose to plant five plants. If ten members of a family plant five plants each, there will be 50 plants already. In this way we can create our own oxyen bank. You can plant new trees or little plant at your home spaces, at your workplaces, or at roadsides and boulevards.We have to achieve the target of 14 lakh trees till 14 August. This year let us make our country real green to celebrate our independence day. Make sure to record a video of 10 seconds and post it on your social media account. With #MeraOxygenBank #SmilingPakistan #GrowPlants #SaveEnvironment@smilingpakistanofficial